Skilled Migration

If you have the skills and qualifications in demand in Australia, you may be able to gain residency without employer sponsorship.   Our migration agent has over 23 years’ experience.   We can assist you with an initial visa eligibility assessment, formal skill assessment, state sponsorship applications, lodging your Expression of Interest and submission of your visa application.

In the skill stream, priority processing is currently given to applicants who are migrating to a regional area, sponsored by employers or nominated by a state or territory government under a State Migration Plan.  However, if you have the skills in demand and high point score you could migrate to Australia without the need for sponsorship.


You cannot immediately submit your skilled visa application.  You must receive an invitation from the Department of Home Affairs to lodge your application.  SkillSelect is an online system that enables skilled workers interested in migrating to Australia to make an expression of interest to be considered for a skilled visa. Under SkillSelect, intending migrants may be sponsored for skilled visas by Australian employers or nominated by state and territory governments, or invited by the Australian Government to lodge a visa application.  Our visa agents will submit a complete and accurate EOI on SkillSelect.   If you make any errors in your point score during the EOI phase your visa can later be refused even if you meet the passmark.   Engaging a registered migration agent before submitting your EOI will ensure your application is successful.

Skill stream categories

There are four main skilled migrations categories:

  • Point-based skilled migration
  • Permanent Employer Sponsored Programme
  • Business Innovation and Investment Programme
  • Distinguished talent

Point-based skilled migration

There is a range of points-based skilled migration visa options for skilled workers who want to live in Australia.

Applicants can be nominated by a state or territory government agency, sponsored by an eligible relative or independently migrate (non-sponsored).  Independent migrants are selected on the basis of their skills, attributes and suitability for employment so they are in a position to contribute quickly to the Australian economy. They are not sponsored by an employer or relative in Australia.  Sponsorship by an eligible Australian relative or nomination by a state or territory government is also possible under points-based skilled migration.

Points-based skilled migration visas are subject to a points test.  Our migration agent  will conduct a detailed assessment to ensure you will meet the required pass mark.    We will search the relevant state and territory occupations in demand lists and research the skill assessment requirements for your nominated occupation.


Closure of WA State Nominated Migration Program Applications for 2023-24

Date: Friday, 02 February 2024 In a significant development for immigration and state-nominated migration in Western Australia, the WA Migration Services has announced the closure of the State Nominated Migration Program (SNMP) applications for the remainder of the 2023-24 program year. This decision comes as the number of applications received has surpassed the allocated quotas…


189 Skilled Independent and 491 Family Sponsored Invitation Rounds for June 2020

Prospective applicants will be pleased to see movement and activity in the Australia’s skilled migration program, with the May and June 2020 invitation rounds released.   Whilst there is a temporary freeze on 190 and 491 nominations, there is some activity in the independent and family sponsored streams. Invitations issued on 11 June 2020 170 invitations…


Will State Sponsored Migration Reopen?

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has provided further information on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on Australia’s 2020-21 Migration Program Planning and Delivery.    Currently, there is a freeze on Skilled State Sponsored Visas.  State and Territory Governments are unable to nominate applicants for Skilled 190 and 491 visas.    Many applicants are…

Travel Ban Exemption

Travel Ban Exemption to Australia

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State Sponsored 491 and 190

State Governments are currently unable to nominate applicants for 491 or 190 sponsorship. Yesterday, the Migration Institute of Australia informed members that the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) had advised the State and Territory Governments they would not be receiving nomination allocations for 491 and 190 visas on 1 July 2020.   This means the State…