Closure of WA State Nominated Migration Program Applications for 2023-24

Date: Friday, 02 February 2024

In a significant development for immigration and state-nominated migration in Western Australia, the WA Migration Services has announced the closure of the State Nominated Migration Program (SNMP) applications for the remainder of the 2023-24 program year. This decision comes as the number of applications received has surpassed the allocated quotas for the year.    The program will reopen when the state receives its quota for the 2025 financial year.

Key Points of the Announcement:

  1. Cease of New Applications: Effective from the close of business on 2nd February 2024, WA Migration Services will no longer accept new applications. This step is taken to manage the overflow of applications already received, which have exceeded the year’s available allocations.
  2. Processing of Existing Applications: It is crucial to note that applications lodged prior to the closure will still be processed. These applications will be assessed based on the existing eligibility criteria. For those meeting these criteria, nominations will continue to be issued, subject to the availability of allocations.
  3. Limitation on Consideration: Some applications lodged before the program’s closure may not be considered within the 2023-24 program year. Affected individuals will receive direct communication regarding the status of their applications.
  4. Advice for Visa Holders: The announcement also includes a vital reminder for individuals with expiring visas. They are advised to seek professional guidance from a Registered Migration Agent (RMA) to ensure they remain lawful during their stay in Australia.
  5. State Government Advocacy: Despite the closure, the State Government continues to advocate for an increase in nomination allocation numbers. This is in response to the growing needs of the State, indicating a commitment to addressing the demand for skilled migrants in various sectors.

Implications for Potential Applicants and Residents:

This closure marks a significant moment for those looking to migrate to Western Australia. Prospective applicants should be aware of this change and plan accordingly. Those with existing applications lodged before the closure can remain hopeful for a positive outcome.

For current visa holders and those whose visas are nearing expiration, the advice is clear – seek professional help to ensure compliance with immigration laws and regulations. Staying informed and prepared is crucial in navigating these changes effectively.

Looking Ahead:

The WA Migration Services’ decision reflects the dynamic nature of immigration policies and the need to balance demand with available resources. As the State Government continues to advocate for more allocations, there remains hope for future applicants. Meanwhile, those affected by this closure are encouraged to stay informed and consider alternative pathways.

For the latest updates and information on the State Nominated Migration Program and other immigration matters you are invited to book a phone consulation with our senior registered migration agent.