Faster processing of 482 nominations for Accredited Sponsors

Current processing times for 482 nominations and visa applications are 1 – 2 months from submission.   Standard Business Sponsors can apply for Accredited Status to receive priority processing.

Accredited Sponsor Scheme

The Accredited Sponsor Scheme provides Standard Business Sponsors with streamlined and priority processing arrangements for 482 nomination and visa applications.  Most applications for Accredited Sponsors are processed in less than five days. 482 Accredited Sponsors will also receive priority processing for 186 ENS and 187 RSMS nomination and visas applications.

There are five categories that sponsors may meet to become an accredited sponsor.  We outline the criteria for one category that applies to low volume 482/457 sponsors:

  • 85% or more Australian workforce
  • have at least one approved nomination for a TSS or subclass 457 visa holder in the last year
  • have had more than 97% of your nomination applications approved in the last year
  • not a sole trader or a partnership
  • annual turnover of at least AUD 4M for the last two years
  • have been a standard business sponsor for at least one year
  • have complied with all sponsor obligations
  • have a written contract of employment for all TSS/457 visa holders that meets the National Employment Standards (unless their occupation is exempt from this requirement)
  • have paid all Australian employees in accordance with an Enterprise Agreement or an internal salary table that reflects the current market salary rates for all occupations in your business.


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