Obtaining permanent residency through self sponsorship


Our client, an IT professional, was in Australia as the main applicant on a Temporary (Work) Skilled 457 visa.  He was disheartened with his current employer and no longer felt satisfied in his role.  He had the opportunity to establish his own business in Australia.    He had been approached by potential business partners and had the interest of several high value clients.    However, our client understood that 457 visa holders are not permitted to start their own business whilst under the sponsorship of another employer.    Australian Visa Group was approached to find a visa solution to his tricky situation.

Our client held no formal qualifications in IT but had extensive work experience and the business profit projections were substantial.    Our migration agent Perth presented a strategy to not only obtain approval for this applicant to work for his own business on a temporary 457 visa but also presented a pathway to permanent residency.

Over the course of the next few weeks an application was prepared and submitted to obtain Standard Business Sponsorship approval for this newly created business.  Our client as one of the directors.   Our migration agent Perth submitted a position nomination that was approved within 3 weeks and our client was working for his own company within 3 months from the date of our first consultation.

Our migration agent Perth continued to work with our client over the next six months.  Once we were satisfied the company was in a strong financial position, a permanent employer sponsored visa was lodged.  Our client obtain Australian permanent residency through self sponsorship within 11 months of our initial consultation.

It is important to note that this client had extensive and professional business skills.   The business was genuine and employed several Australian resident workers.    Our client has been very successful in securing high value / high volume contracts in the IT industry and established a business that was clear of benefit to the Australian economy.

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