Changing Employers on a 482 Visa or 494 Visa

From 1 July 2024, changes to visa conditions 8107, 8607, and 8608 will allow 482 and 494 visa holders to change employers before a new nomination is approved

Increased Flexibility and Time

Under the new regulations, if you stop working with your sponsoring employer, you will now have:

  • Up to 180 days at a time to find a new sponsor, apply for a different visa, or arrange to leave Australia.
  • A maximum of 365 days in total across your entire visa grant period to make these transitions.

This extended period provides you with additional time to secure a new nomination.

Work While You Transition

During these transition periods, you are allowed to work for other employers. This includes work in occupations that are not listed in your most recent sponsorship nomination. This flexibility ensures you can support yourself while searching for a new sponsor.

Important Conditions

  • You must cease work with your current sponsor before starting work with another employer, unless you are exempt.
  • While working for your existing sponsor, you must remain in your nominated occupation.
  • Your sponsor must notify the Department of any changes in your employment situation within 28 days, including if your employment ends.

Who is Affected?

These changes apply to both existing visa holders and those granted a visa on or after  1 July 2024. Any periods you stopped working for your sponsor before this date will not count towards the new time periods.

What This Means for You

These changes are a positive step towards providing you with the support and flexibility needed to navigate your professional journey in Australia. You now have more time and freedom to explore new opportunities, ensuring you can continue to contribute effectively to the Australian labor market.

We recommend that you obtain migration advice from a registered migration agent before taking any action.  Ensure you understand the conditions of your visa and the implications of ending employment with your nominating employer.