QLD State Sponsorship for University Graduates

The battle between Australian states and territories for International Students is heating up.  Queensland International Student numbers jumped 11% last year compared to a 2% rise the year before.  Western Australia recently announced it will offer WA State Sponsorship for University Graduates.   Queensland is currently offering QLD State Sponsorship for University Graduates of Masters and Phd courses only.  Whereas WA are offering sponsorship to Masters, Phd and Degree graduates.

To be eligible for QLD State Sponsorship for University Graduates applicants must meet both Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA) criteria and Queensland (BSMQ) criteria for their chosen visa category either the 190 or 489.

  • Score 65 points
  • skills assessment in the nominated occupation
  • under 45 years of age
  • meet English language requirements

The requirements for QLD State Sponsorship for University Graduates from either Masters or Phd courses are very similar.  Both must have completed their studies at a Queensland University in the last two years.  Their studies must be related to their nominated occupation.    In addition, Masters Graduates must present a full-time Employment Contract from an Australian employer.

QLD State Sponsorship for University Graduates – Occupation List


ANZSCO code Occupation Subclass 489 Subclass 190 Specialisations and other requirements
131114 Public Relations Manager
132211 Finance Manager Require 70 points
132311 Human Resource Manager Require 70 points
132411 Policy and Planning Manager
132511 Research and Development Manager
133211 Engineering Manager
133511 Production Manager (Forestry)
133512 Production Manager (Manufacturing)
133513 Production Manager (Mining)
133611 Supply and Distribution Manager
133612 Procurement Manager
134111 Child Care Centre Manager
134212 Nursing Clinical Director
134213 Primary Health Organisation Manager
134214 Welfare Centre Manager
134311 School Principal
134499 Education Managers nec
135112 ICT Project Manager Require 70 points
135199 ICT Managers nec Require 70 points
139915 Sports Administrator
212413 Print Journalist
212415 Technical Writer
212416 Television Journalist
212499 Journalists and Other Writers nec
222211 Financial Market Dealer
222311 Financial Investment Adviser
222312 Financial Investment Manager
223211 ICT Trainer Require 70 points
224112 Mathematician
224213 Health Information Manager
224512 Valuer
224711 Management Consultant
225112 Market Research Analyst
225113 Marketing Specialist
225211 ICT Account Manager Require 70 points
225212 ICT Business Development Manager Require 70 points
231111 Aeroplane Pilot
231113 Flying Instructor
231114 Helicopter Pilot
232111 Architect
232112 Landscape Architect
232213 Cartographer
232214 Other Spatial Scientist
232312 Industrial Designer
232411 Graphic Designer
232412 Illustrator
232414 Web Designer
232611 Urban and Regional Planner Require 70 points
233915 Environmental Engineer
241511 Special Needs Teacher
241512 Teacher of the Hearing Impaired
241513 Teacher of the Sight Impaired
241599 Special Education Teachers nec
249111 Education Adviser
251211 Medical Diagnostic Radiographer
251212 Medical Radiation Therapist
251213 Nuclear Medicine Technologist
251214 Sonographer
251311 Environmental Health Officer
251911 Health Promotion Officer
254311 Nurse Manager
254411 Nurse Practitioner
254422 Registered Nurse (Mental Health)
261111 ICT Business Analyst Require 70 points
261112 Systems Analyst Require 70 points
261212 Web Developer Require 70 points
261312 Developer Programmer Require 70 points
261313 Software Engineer Require 70 points
262111 Database Administrator Require 70 points
262112 ICT Security Specialist Require 70 points
262113 Systems Administrator Require 70 points
263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer Require 70 points
263112 Network Administrator Require 70 points
263113 Network Analyst Require 70 points
263211 ICT Quality Assurance Engineer Require 70 points
263212 ICT Support Engineer Require 70 points
263213 ICT Systems Test Engineer Require 70 points
263299 ICT Support and Test Engineers nec Require 70 points
272112 Drug and Alcohol Counsellor
272113 Family and Marriage Counsellor
272114 Rehabilitation Counsellor
272199 Counsellors nec
272311 Clinical Psychologist
272312 Educational Psychologist
272313 Organisational Psychologist
272314 Psychotherapist
272399 Psychologists nec
272511 Social Worker
272613 Welfare Worker
312116 Surveying or Spatial Science Technician
312999 Building and Engineering Technicians nec
313113 Web Administrator Require 70 points
313199 ICT Support Technicians nec Require 70 points
313214 Telecommunications Technical Officer or Technologist
323111 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics)
323112 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical)
323113 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Structures)
411713 Family Support Worker
411716 Youth Worker
452321 Sports Development Officer

Applicants interested in exploring their eligibility to obtain QLD State Sponsorship for University Graduates, should speak with a visa specialist at Australian Visa Group.  The occupation lists, point score required and other criteria change frequently.  Due to high demand, places are limited.  For instance, Engineering Technologists (233914) and Accountant (General) (221111) have now been removed from the Phd Graduate list and are no longer available.   Applicants must obtain a visa assessment based on the current requirements.   It is strongly recommend that assessment is conducted by a registered migration agent.