Professional fees refunded after relationship breakdown

Migration agent

Even with the best intentions not all relationships work.   Australian Visa Group was engaged to manage and lodge a Spouse 820/801 visa application for our client’s defacto partner.  The couple had been living together for over two years whilst she was in Australia on a student visa.   The sponsor paid his initial deposit of $2200 keen to get the ball rolling and secure his partner’s residency.    Several months later our client informed us they were having problems and the relationship was unlikely to survive.    The sponsor was delighted to discover that within days of his request we refunded his deposit less fees to cover the work already completed.    Our migration agent Perth completely understood that situations do change and reassured our client that this was no problem and we would welcome the opportunity to assist him again in the future.     Our prime concern is our client’s welfare and happiness.      Going through a long term relationship break up is difficult enough without having to worry about losing thousands of dollars on unnecessary professional fees.     Engage an agency you can trust to be on your side.   Speak to our  Migration Agent in PerthSydneyMelbourne  to discuss your application.