482 Visa – Overview for Employers (VIDEO)

This video is aimed at potential business sponsors who would like to gain an understanding of the 482 visa, the risks and obligations. We provide a quick overview of the 482 visa including it’s purpose and the basic requirements for Standard Business Sponsorship, Nomination and Visa applications. We take a look at establishing the market salary rate, labour market testing, the training levy and sponsorship obligations. Highlighting some risks and issues for concern with regards to the refund provisions that apply to the training levy and allowing the applicant to bring their family to Australia.

Although this is a 10 minute video, it is just a general and broad discussion to kick off the debate as to whether the 482 visa program is the right solution for your business. There are many benefits in recruiting from the international labour market. But it is important that employers understand their obligations and the application process.  In future videos, we will be providing detailed information covering each area of the sponsorship, nomination and visa application process. We will also be providing information on other visa options including the Training 407, Working Holiday, Student Graduate, State Sponsorship and others.

Presentation by Michelle Firth, Registered Migration Agent at Australian Visa Group.



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